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The NonProfit & Church is always facing an uphill struggle to boost donor confidence while dealing with increased pressure to demonstrate financial and operational transparency. Ensuring that the organizations back office is operating at maximum efficiency is paramount in maintaining compliance and trust from its donor/congregation populace. CloudFirst NonProfit & Church Cloud Solutions , helps you to develop forward thinking programs that improve the lives of the people your organization touches.


shorter times for financial forecasts when scorecards are implemented and used to connect strategic and operational goals.

Budget and Financial Excellence

Budget and Financial Excellence

  • Public Sector Budget Planning
  • Public Sector Financials
  • Performance and Compliance Management

Tax and Revenue

Tax and Revenue

  • Contributions, Revenue, and Taxes
  • NonProfit & Church Cloud Solutions

Social Protection and Benefits

Social Protection and Benefits

  • Social Protection
  • Grantor Management
  • Donor Updates

Digital Constituent Experience

Digital Constituent Experience

  • Omnichannel Services
  • Congregational Insight
  • Permits and Licenses

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57% lower audit cost for organizations that have a higher ability to load and analyze data in real time.





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